Advancing community-level change in East Africa.

Global Partners has remained committed to impactful, sustainable, locally-led initiatives for over 40 years. We believe community leadership is the key to responsible and sustainable development and that local people have the right to drive change in their schools and communities.

Our Progress

Since our inception, Global Partners projects have benefited more than 3 million people in East Africa.

These numbers represent our impact since we implemented a new M&E system in 2014.

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Locally-Led Adaptation

Climate Resilient and Environmentally Responsible Development

At Global Partners, we recognize that the climate is changing and that our partners in East Africa will be affected. We are committed to helping communities adapt, prepare, and engage with this reality. As part of a community-driven project selection process, local groups map how climate change affects their land and infrastructure, and this informs the project they ultimately choose. Our technical staff are trained in sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation and adaptation methods so that projects can make communities more resilient against the impacts of climate change whenever possible.

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Our Programs

Community-Led Development

Community-Led Development & Education (CDLE)

GPFD collaborates with communities to enhance education and infrastructure, improving school attendance and skills, while also expanding access to essential services like water and health. Our approach ensures holistic, sustainable community progress.

Grassroots Fund

GPFD supports local community-based organizations (CBOs) and entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of advancing solutions to the challenges they face.

Strategic Partnerships & Advisory Services (SPAS)

Global Partners leverages over 45 years of experience, forming strategic partnerships for impactful, community-driven initiatives in East Africa. With dedicated local teams and robust MEL services, we ensure the long-term success and evolution of our projects.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL), grassroots movement


Global Partners utilizes its expertise to help other organizations evaluate and improve their programming.

Grassroots Fund

All organizations supported by the Fund are led by East Africans who are implementing sustainable, impactful, and innovative solutions to public health and educational challenges in their own communities.

Educational Programs

Global Partners recognizes that education is exceedingly important in the fight against poverty and that schools are often the epicenter of development in a community.

CBO Partnership Program

GPFD understands change makers in our partner communities are already doing important work but require organizational support to operate more effectively and attract additional funding.

Community WASH Program

In addition to GPFD’s response to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) needs at schools, we also work with local leaders to develop effective and sustainable WASH solutions on a community-level.

Vineyards to Villages

A unique partnership has been built between the Sonoma County wine industry and African communities through the Vineyards to Villages (V2V) initiative.

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