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From the beginning, Global Partners has relentlessly pursued long-term solutions to the needs facing East African communities by focusing on community-driven development. The Global Partners grant process begins when people from rural villages across East Africa present their visions about how to improve their lives. From school infrastructure to clean water sources, schools and communities bring forward innovative and locally relevant project ideas that provide insight into their daily needs, social constructs, political networks, and hopes for the future. Global Partners projects are proposed and managed by local people who embrace project ownership throughout the implementation process and take responsibility for the project for years into the future.


Our Impact

Integrity is a key element of our work. Our policies and procedures were developed with the intention of providing scaffolding for integrity through consumer-driven projects, expert-driven methods, and a commitment to transparency among all stakeholders.

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Global Partners has a very active Board of Directors that is constantly striving to deliver the most effective new services and fine tune existing initiatives. The Board of Directors, in partnership with our staff and local partners, make up a network of experts in various fields that provide timely input on research-driven project methodologies, management techniques, financial transparency, and the latest in engineering practices for the highest levels of quality and cost-effectiveness in international development work.

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Most recently, Global Partners completed an analysis of the impacts of the Kasipul Constituency Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (KC WASH) project at Apondo Primary School in rural western Kenya. The evaluation used a difference-in-difference methodology to evaluate the effects of the WASH project on child education and health. Findings suggest that the WASH project at Apondo reduced rates of diarrhea and parasitic and respiratory infection for the students, as well as giving them the ability to spend significantly more time on homework.


Since our inception, Global Partners’ projects have benefited more than 3 million people in East Africa. The calculated numbers below represent our impact since we implemented a new M&E system in 2014.

People directly served from water systems
Education infrastructure project beneficiaries
Total direct project beneficiaries

Our Programs

Global Partners works hand-in-hand with public schools and local leaders in East Africa to develop individualized, sustainable solutions to the most pressing problems facing their campuses and communities.  We engage with schools and communities to bolster indicators related to education through community-driven projects related to school infrastructure, water and health, and girls’ education and development.

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Global Partners for Developments partners with organizations that share our vision and mission for community-driven grassroots development in East Africa.