Our Model

Global Partners for Development works directly with communities in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda to identify and implement development projects in the areas of education and public health.

Our mission is to take an authentic and sustainable approach to community-driven development in impoverished regions of East Africa. That means supporting schools and community-based organizations to manage education and public health interventions that generate lasting change for local people.

Our partnerships are essential to the realization of our mission. In our experience, working directly with local communities not only promotes human dignity, but also empowers people to break the vicious cycle of poverty. We value the insight of community leaders and school management committees on the real needs at hand and the best methods for tackling them.

Our vision is grounded in the belief that local people are the key to responsible development. We envision a world where even disenfranchised communities have the capacity to build sustainable solutions to the problems they face.

Our approach is to partner with local communities to identify, implement, and sustain projects that improve education and public health in rural East Africa.

Core Principles


Partnerships are fundamental to Global Partners’ mission, vision and approach.

By working in partnership with local communities from project conception to implementation, we are ensuring that our interventions are driven by local insight, needs, objectives and leadership.


Global Partners’ projects are community-driven but also evidence-based.

Every GPFD project is thoroughly researched before it is funded. Staff examine the extent to which each project builds the capacity of local people, meets local needs efficiently, and will remain effective over the long-term. Effectiveness is measured through partner feedback, systematic monitoring and quantitative impact evaluation. Evaluations are particularly critical to organizational learning, providing crucial data on the efficacy and sustainability of interventions in diverse local contexts.


Community engagement fosters long-term ownership.

Local, in-depth understanding of problems mean more viable solutions. Global Partners provides proactive project design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation support to ensure sustainable practices are developed, used, and maintained over time.


The work of Global Partners represents a response to human distress, an acknowledgement of the global inter-connectedness of all people, and a dedication to improving the conditions and opportunities of those living in poverty.

Every Global Partners development project reiterates an overarching respect for human dignity regardless of circumstance. These projects provide people from the United States and East Africa with a way of articulating their compassion for one another in meaningful and tangible ways.


Global Partners is reliably open and honest in its internal and external affairs.

Global Partners maintains its commitment to integrity by ensuring that its actions, beliefs, and methods consistently reflect each of its core principles. Transparency and accountability are integral to the organization’s structure, including all financial, managerial, and program operations. Funding decisions are only made after multiple levels of review by our African partners, GPFD staff, the Project Committee, and the Board of Directors. The high quality of our relationships with donors and partners allows us to enjoy, nurture, and sustain this level of transparency in everything we do.

Our Commitment to

Climate Resilient and Environmentally Responsible Development

At Global Partners, we recognize that the climate is changing and that our partners in East Africa will be affected. We are committed to helping communities adapt, prepare, and engage with this reality. As part of a community-driven project selection process, local groups map how climate change affects their land and infrastructure, and this informs the project they ultimately choose. Our technical staff are trained in sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation and adaptation methods so that projects can make communities more resilient against the impacts of climate change whenever possible.

In addition to the on-the-ground management provided by our Africa-based staff, our U.S.-based staff travels to Africa regularly to inspect current projects and interview potential partners. A number of our donors have participated in these trips to witness our projects first hand and meet the individuals benefiting from their support. These relationships, held together by a mutual commitment to improving the lives of future and current generations, have deeply impacted lives divided only by distance.

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Our Impact

Last fiscal year:

  • 1,709 community members partnered with us to improve education for their children.
  • 33,149 students, teachers, and community members benefited from clean water, sanitation, and hygiene projects.
  • 17,440 students, teachers, and community members benefited from school infrastructure projects that created safe environments conducive to learning.
  • 904 community members benefited from improved medical care.
  • Students in our partner schools saw a 54% increase in student attendanceover schools who didn’t partner with GPFD.

⋅   ⋅   ⋅

Global Partners completed an analysis of the impacts of the Kasipul Constituency Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (KC WASH) project at Apondo Primary School in rural western Kenya. The evaluation used a difference-in-difference methodology to evaluate the effects of the WASH project on child education and health. Findings suggest that the WASH project at Apondo reduced rates of diarrhea and parasitic and respiratory infection for the students, as well as giving them the ability to spend significantly more time on homework.


Since our inception, Global Partners’ projects have benefited more than 3 million people in East Africa. The calculated numbers below represent our impact since we implemented a new M&E system in 2014.

People directly served from water systems
Scholarship grants for girls
School infrastructure project beneficiaries

Our Team

Global Partners has a diverse team of passionate individuals from the United States and East Africa who work tirelessly to realize its mission.

Dora Achieng' Okeyo
Dora Achieng' OkeyoSenior Community Facilitator (Kenya)
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Mwajuma A. Ally
Mwajuma A. AllyConsultant Enumerator
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Anne Angarola
Anne AngarolaGPFD Tanzania Consultant
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Daniel Casanova
Daniel CasanovaExecutive Director
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Amy Ewert
Amy EwertProgram Associate
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Sara D. Henning
Sara D. HenningDirector of Programs
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Amy Holter
Amy HolterConsultant
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Festus Juma
Festus JumaKenya Country Director
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Marie Mintalucci
Marie MintalucciDirector of WomenSave
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Jeremiah Mwakasonda
Jeremiah MwakasondaConsultant Enumerator
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Elias O. Njoga
Elias O. NjogaField Engineer (Kenya)
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Joseph Ochieng
Joseph OchiengKenya Technical Director
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Marisa Mazria Katz
Marisa Mazria KatzEditorial Producer
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Victorine Achieng Abuto
Victorine Achieng AbutoAccountant/Bookkeeper
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Our Board

The Global Partners Board of Directors is made up of passionate, skilled, and highly-involved individuals. Many of them have been dedicated to serving the Board for decades.

David J. Castenholz
David J. CastenholzDirector
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Rosemary Chengson
Rosemary ChengsonDirector
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John S. Cullison
John S. CullisonTreasurer
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Marie Gewirtz
Marie GewirtzCo-Vice President
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Michael Glaser
Michael GlaserDirector
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Anna Haight
Anna HaightCo-Vice President
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Don Harris
Don HarrisPresident Emeritus
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Steven Hurt
Steven HurtDirector
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Sean Pryden
Sean PrydenDirector
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David Stare
David StarePresident
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Peter Verbiscar-Brown
Peter Verbiscar-BrownExecutive Director Emeritus
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Yvette White
Yvette WhiteProject Committee Chair
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Andy Witthohn
Andy WitthohnSecretary
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Jeremy Walker, Esq.
Jeremy Walker, Esq. Director
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Our Advisory Board

We have a sincerely committed board of individuals that have dedicated their lives to our mission. They provide invaluable insight and experience to our organization.

Rene Bagaygay
Rene BagaygayAdvisory Board member
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Abigail Bridgman
Abigail BridgmanAdvisory Board Member
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Arianna Clyde, CPA
Arianna Clyde, CPAAdvisory Board Member
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Robert Demler
Robert DemlerAdvisory Board Member
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Wendy Greene
Wendy GreeneAdvisory Board Member
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Rev. Mark Lancaster
Rev. Mark LancasterAdvisory Board Member
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Linda Lea, PHD
Linda Lea, PHDAdvisory Board Member
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John Malago
John MalagoAdvisory Board Member
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Alexis Martin
Alexis MartinAdvisory Board Member
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Alais Morindat
Alais MorindatAdvisory Board Member
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Mary Morindat
Mary MorindatAdvisory Board Member
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Maanda Ngoitiko
Maanda NgoitikoAdvisory Board Member
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Naome Rukundu Ruhombe
Naome Rukundu RuhombeAdvisory Board Member
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Amon Ariyo Tusingwire
Amon Ariyo TusingwireAdvisory Board Member
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Our Partners

Global Partners for Developments partners with organizations that share our vision and mission for community-driven grassroots development in East Africa.