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Programs @ GPFD

Global Partners is committed to implementing projects that are
locally-owned and sustained into the future.  To ensure this, we emphasize community engagement, involving local partners in every phase of project development. All of our Programs take into account:

Long-term Sustainability Plans

GPFD promotes creating sustainable solutions that communities can manage and maintain independently, ensuring long-lasting results.

Advice and Support as Needed

The Global Partners team conducts follow-up evaluations while offering advice and support to partner communities, ensuring projects adapt and succeed over time.

Detailed Maintenance Schedules

Detailed maintenance plans are provided to all projects to ensure long-term functionality and success.

Our Focus

Global Partners considers local “ownership” of project activities
to be key to the successful implementation and sustainability of project activities.
Community-Led Development and Education, community engagement

Community-Led Development & Education (CDLE)

GPFD collaborates with communities to enhance education and infrastructure, improving school attendance and skills, while also expanding access to essential services like water and health. Our approach ensures holistic, sustainable community engagement and progress.

Beneficiaries, grassroots movement

Strategic Partnerships & Advisory Services (SPAS)

Global Partners leverages over 45 years of experience, forming strategic partnerships for impactful, community-driven initiatives in East Africa. With dedicated local teams and robust MEL services, we ensure the long-term success and evolution of our projects.

Grassroot Funds, grassroots movement


GPFD supports local community-based organizations (CBOs) and entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of advancing solutions to the challenges they face.

Community-Led Development Education and community engagement

Community-Led Development & Education (CDLE)

The Community-Led Development & Education (CDLE) program at GPFD merges infrastructural support with educational enhancement to drive progress in East African communities. By delivering essential infrastructure such as health centers and water projects alongside empowering low-performing primary schools, CDLE ensures comprehensive community development. Our collaborative approach with local governments and communities guarantees that both immediate needs and long-term resilience are addressed, placing resources and decision-making power in the hands of local stakeholders to create significant, lasting change.

Community-Driven Education (CDE)

Community-Driven Education (CDE)

Education is exceedingly important in the fight against poverty. Global Partners mobilizes low performing primary schools and their communities to drive the identification, implementation, and sustainability planning of projects that impact student attendance and other education and public health outcomes. We strive to retain and improve student attendance by meeting their fundamental needs, which may include durable classrooms, adequate latrines, access to clean water, and furniture. By promoting local leadership and community engagement, GPFD ensures a long-lasting impact that improves the lives of students and their communities through education.

Community-Led Development (CLD), grassroots movement

Community-Led Development

The CLD facet of our program reaches beyond educational efforts, focusing on equipping communities with essential infrastructure and resources for their comprehensive development. This encompasses key projects such as building health centers, initiating large-scale water projects, and establishing sanitation facilities. Our method prioritizes collaboration with local governments and community engagement, aiming to ensure these initiatives not only address immediate needs but also pave the way for enduring sustainability and resilience in the face of environmental and societal challenges.

Strategic Partnerships & Advisory Services (SPAS)​

We excel in establishing strategic partnerships across public, private, and philanthropic sectors, engaging with organizations and foundations aiming for significant impact. Our extensive expertise, committed local staff, and long-standing relationships in East Africa set us apart as the go-to partner for implementing community-driven and locally-led initiatives on the ground. With over 45 years of experience, we provide unmatched advisory services, ensuring projects launch with success and continue to grow. Our ability to provide Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) services is fundamental to our methodology, enabling us to monitor progress, evaluate results, and refine strategies for enhanced outcomes. Through SPAS, we are dedicated to initiating change by working with partners committed to creating empowered communities in East Africa.

Strategic Partnerships & Advisory Services (SPAS)​, community engagement

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL)

Our MEL framework ensures each project’s success is measurable, impactful, and adaptable. This approach involves rigorous data collection and analysis to assess the effectiveness of water and sanitation projects, enabling us to continuously refine our strategies based on real-world outcomes. Through this dedicated MEL process, we aim to not only quantify the tangible benefits of clean water access but also to enhance community well-being and support sustainable development practices in East Africa.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL), grassroots movement

The Homa Bay Blueprint

Combining modern technology and local knowledge, GPFD and 374Water have partnered to pioneer a new era of sustainable living and healthy ecosystems on the shores of Lake Victoria. Serving as a model for future replication, the Homa Bay Blueprint aims to leverage 374Water’s cutting-edge wastewater technology and local partnerships to rehabilitate the current sanitation site and improve water quality in Lake Victoria by 20 percent within three years, delivering a comprehensive data hub and promoting a circular economy in the process. 

The Homa Bay Blueprint, grassroots movement, grassroots movement

Vineyards to Villages

The Vineyards to Villages (V2V) initiative is a collaboration with the Sonoma County wine industry and East African communities to address the lack of accessible potable water around the globe. Through V2V, the Sonoma County wine industry is “turning wine into water” by funding clean water infrastructure, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education for rural schools in East Africa.

Vineyards to Villages, grassroots movement


The BCF Fellowship Program merges academic study with impactful fieldwork in Tanzania, offering students from abroad and local universities alike a deep dive into community-driven development. Students prepare through a rigorous pre-departure curriculum before living with host families and collaborating with Global Partners staff and community leaders. Local students engage in extended fellowships, integrating their studies with projects making real impacts in their communities, ensuring a hands-on learning experience that bridges theory with practice.

Fellowships, grassroots movement
grassroots movement


Global Partners for Development believes that local people have the knowledge and trust of their communities to drive forward sustainable solutions to the challenges they face. By partnering with community-based organizations, GPFD boosts locally-led change while promoting organizational strength and actionable objectives. The Grassroots Community-Led Development (GCLD) Fund further supports grassroots groups, recognizing local expertise while addressing the critical need for access to funding. This approach ensures local communities remain at the forefront of implementing sustainable, impactful, and proactive solutions to public health and educational challenges in their own communities.

CBO Partnership Program​, grassroots movement

CBO Partnership Program

We partner with grassroots East African organizations to advance community engagement and accelerate locally-led change by assessing and strengthening organizational health. We work with small, yet motivated community-based organizations (CBOs) to assess their strengths, needs, and goals; evaluate how GPFD can provide value and impart new skills; and then develop work plans with clear objectives and timelines for the partnerships.

Grassroots Community-Led Development (GCLD) Fund, grassroots movement

Grassroots Community-Led Development (GCLD) Fund

Global Partners launched its Grassroots Community-Led Development Fund to directly support grassroots organizations in East Africa. Our 45-plus year history working with East African leaders and groups has taught us that local people have the knowledge and trust of their communities, but they seldom have access to sufficient funding to push their solutions forward. We aim to change this.

Community-Driven Education (CDE)

Global Partners mobilizes low performing primary schools and their communities to drive the identification, implementation, and sustainability planning of projects that impact student attendance and other education and public health outcomes.

Community WASH Program

In addition to GPFD’s response to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) needs at schools, we also work with local leaders to develop effective and sustainable WASH solutions on a community-level. Although COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of WASH, these interventions are proven to improve community health and are a basic human right even in the absence of a global pandemic.

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