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Grassroots Community-Led Development (GCLD) Fund

Global Partners launched its Grassroots Community-Led Development Fund to directly support grassroots organizations in East Africa. All organizations supported by the Fund are led by East Africans who are implementing sustainable, impactful, and innovative solutions to public health and educational challenges in their own communities. These organizations understand the strengths and needs of the people they serve, and our goal is to help amplify and accelerate their impact. A mere 5.2% of U.S. foundation funding for Africa goes to local organizations. Our 40-plus year history working with East African leaders and groups has taught us that local people have the knowledge and trust of their communities, but they seldom have access to sufficient funding. We aim to change this.

Our Approach

What Makes the Global Partners GCLD Fund Different?

All organizations supported by the Fund are identified, vetted, and recommended for funding by our partners and staff in East Africa. All grants must further our mission of advancing community-led initiatives and funding decisions are approved by our Board of Directors.

Although many funders claim to support grassroots or community-led groups, much of this funding actually goes to mid-sized organizations, many of whom are supported by multiple funders. In contrast, the GCLD Fund supports hyper-local organizations who are at the forefront of education and public health work in their communities. Our long history in East Africa and extensive partner network enables us to identify these changemakers who are often too small to attract traditional funding. Local people have the right and the insight to drive change in their own communities, and the GCLD Fund enables them to strengthen and scale their work.

Our Network

Partnership with D-Prize

Global Partners is collaborating with D-Prize to support local founders in low-income regions. Together we are identifying locally-led enterprises targeting poverty alleviation and coordinating to offer co-funding. Their goal is to provide critical funding to organizations that otherwise wouldn’t have access and demonstrate the value of prioritizing locally-led proximate leadership.


Grassroots Reports

Check out our most recent Grassroots Reports where you’ll not only explore our impact numbers but also meet the faces behind groundbreaking community-led initiatives and how they are driving change within their own communities.

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Support African-led organizations delivering transformational change by donating traditional currency via our donate page or by donating cryptocurrency. Using the benefits of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency donations allow us to transfer funds directly to community leaders outside the traditional banking systems.

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