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Programs @ GPFD

Global Partners is committed to implementing projects that are locally-owned and sustained into the future. We work with schools and communities to develop long-term sustainability plans before we exit a community. Our engineers provide detailed maintenance schedules covering advice and approximate costs. The Global Partners team conducts follow-up evaluations at regularly scheduled intervals and is available to offer advice and support as needed. Global Partners considers local “ownership” of project activities to be key to the successful implementation and sustainability of project activities.

Vineyards to Villages

A unique partnership has been built between the Sonoma County wine industry and African communities through the Vineyards to Villages (V2V) initiative. Through V2V, the Sonoma County wine industry is “turning wine into water” by funding clean water infrastructure, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education for rural schools in western Kenya.

Community-Driven Education (CDE)

Global Partners mobilizes low performing primary schools and their communities to drive the identification, implementation, and sustainability planning of projects that impact student attendance and other education and public health outcomes.

Community WASH Program

In addition to GPFD’s response to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) needs at schools, we also work with local leaders to develop effective and sustainable WASH solutions on a community-level. Although COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of WASH, these interventions are proven to improve community health and are a basic human right even in the absence of a global pandemic.

CBO Partnership Program

We partner with grassroots East African organizations to accelerate locally-led change by assessing and strengthening organizational health. We work with small yet motivated community-based organizations (CBOs) to assess their strengths, needs, and goals; evaluate how GPFD can provide value and impart new skills; and then develop a work plans with clear objectives and timelines for the partnerships.

Grassroots Community-Led Development (GCLD) Fund

Global Partners launched its Grassroots Community-Led Development Fund to directly support grassroots organizations in East Africa. Our 40-plus year history working with East African leaders and groups has taught us that local people have the knowledge and trust of their communities, but they seldom have access to sufficient funding. We aim to change this.

Educational Programs

Global Partners is dedicated to cross-cultural learning and is passionate about promoting community-led development. Thanks to generous support from The Brethren Community Foundation, we have partnered with Whittier College to create opportunities for students, faculty, and East African leaders to share ideas, collaborate, and learn from one another.

Consulting Services

Global Partners utilizes its expertise to help other organizations evaluate and improve their programming. We believe that high quality data leads to better development outcomes, and we specialize in providing rigorous monitoring, evaluation, and learning services (MEL) for those who are working directly with communities to fight poverty and inequality. 

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