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CBO Partnership Program

GPFD understands change makers in our partner communities are already doing important work but require organizational support to operate more effectively and attract additional funding. We partner with grassroots East African organizations to accelerate locally-led change by assessing and strengthening organizational health. We work with small yet motivated community-based organizations (CBOs) to assess their strengths, needs, and goals; evaluate how GPFD can provide value and impart new skills; and then develop a work plan with clear objectives and timelines for the partnerships.


Menya Accelerator, Burundi

Menya Accelerator is a non-profit education-centered social initiative that aims at providing high-quality education programs for youth enrolled in formal education institutions and beyond in Burundi. This initiative fosters the development of creative thinking, and the acquisition of 21st century skills, while promoting community-building and entrepreneurship.

Global Partners has joined in partnership with Menya Accelerator to help advance their mission in providing Burundian youth with the educational resources needed for career success and a better future.

Featured Project

Arkaria Community Centre, Tanzania

Global Partners and local leaders from Arkaria Village have a long history of advancing community-led initiatives in Tanzania. Led by Alais Morindat, the Arkaria Community Centre is developing local solutions and helping pastoralists gain the knowledge and skills to address the environmental, economic, and social justice challenges that disproportionately impact their communities while also honoring and celebrating traditional ways of life.

Global Partners has joined forces with the Centre to help build an organizational structure that efficiently advances their mission and access the resources they need for long-term success.

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