Economic success, good governance, and political stability are directly tied to education, but too many children in East Africa are not learning, even if they are enrolled and attending school. To improve the quality of education in the schools we partner with, Global Partners and the Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia have joined forces to equip teachers in East Africa with proven literacy tools and empower them to develop their students into successful lifelong learners.

Although local adaptations are necessary, our literacy program builds on the success of the Boys and Girls Club’s Literacy Initiative. Guided by the work of Dr. Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham, the program employs multisensory approaches to strengthen children’s reading skills. Unlike traditional teaching methods, the program emphasizes phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension while engaging more than one sense at a time.

We believe community leadership is the key to responsible and sustainable development, and, accordingly, we are also partnering with East African educators to ensure that our interventions are locally relevant. We meet teachers where they are and move them towards improved learning outcomes.

Our literacy program is just beginning, but we are thrilled to introduce our partnership, which is supported by a generous grant from the Brethern Community Foundation. By working together and sharing expertise, Global Partners and the Boys & Girls Club can achieve greater impact than either organization could achieve working alone. 750 million people worldwide can’t read. We aim to right this wrong.