Our Progress

Since our inception, more than 3 million people East Africa have been impacted by our programs.

Students in our partner schools saw a 54% increase in student attendance over schools who didn’t partner with GPFD


Last Year by the Numbers

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$60,956 in cash, labor, and materials were contributed by partner communities to ensure that our projects were successful and locally-led

Community members breaking ground at Bedie Primary School

122 safe, sustainable toilets were established in East African schools.

A former and new latrine block at Mawego Primary School

261 handwashing stations were established at schools, health facilities, and in community centers.

Foot operated tippy tap handwashing station in western Kenya

99,377 students, teachers, and communities were impacted by locally-led development projects.

A community meeting at Wamwanga Primary School: All households in a community, along with school staff, are encouraged to lead the identification, implementation, and sustainability planning of projects that affect student attendance and other education and public health outcomes

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Global Partners is committed to implementing projects that are locally-owned and sustained into the future. We work with schools and communities to develop a long-term sustainability plans before we exit a community. Our engineers provide a detailed maintenance schedules covering advice and approximate costs. The Global Partners team conducts follow-up evaluations at regularly scheduled intervals and is available to offer advice and support as needed.

Learn more about our difference-in-difference evaluation conducted at Apondo Primary School finding that the WASH project reduced rates of diarrhea and parasitic and respiratory infection for the students, as well as giving them the ability to spend significantly more time on homework here.

Read our research on literacy in East Africa conducted through a partnership with The Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia.