Project Description

Borehole & Shallow Wells

Borehole Wells

Borehole wells make clean water accessible to thousands of residents. Well-maintained boreholes usually last at least 20-50 years and can be easily added into growing water supply networks when built on public land for future use. Within our WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) projects, we establish water committees whose function is to raise the funds to maintain the well and cover the costs of electricity for the pump each month. The amount they charge the community for water is a pittance per person, but it adds up to enough to make the well a sustainable venture.

Recent Projects

Nyonuong’a Women’s Group WASH


In the hills of Nyonuong’a, the women would walk for many kilometers to gather water for their families and their livestock. Global Partners funded the construction of a water supply system to bring water up to kiosks near the community from an existing borehole. Latrines and bathing shelters were also funded as well as hygiene education and training for the supervising water committee. July 2014.

Ranyienya Community WASH


At this rural school, Global Partners funded a borehole well, pipelines, an elevated water tank, and a water kiosk for the nearby community. New sanitation facilities and hygiene education was undertaken for students and teachers at the school. June 2014.


Shallow Wells

In communities that are small enough and reside in areas with large enough amounts of rainfall, shallow, hand-dug wells can be a more cost-effective way to bring water to a village than digging a deep borehole well. Maintenance committees within the community are especially pivotal to the sustainability of shallow wells. Water committees are put in place at all Global Partners water projects in order to ensure sustainability and accountability of project success.

Recent Projects

Kakelo Wells


Three shallow wells were provided within the Kakelo area for the Kogendi Group, the Kachila Group, and the Kodero Group. Rehabilitation or construction of new latrines was also undertaken for these communities. July 2014.

Hand-Pump Repair


In Kanungu, Uganda, Global Partners funded the repair of a broken hand pump, taking the opportunity to train local leaders in pump maintenance and care. March 2015.