Project Description

CDE Facilitation

The training curriculum for Community-Driven Education (CDE) meetings was meticulously developed in order to encourage equality in individual expression, confidence in community collaboration, and creativity in local problem-solving. The curriculum provides a flexible structure to support Global Partners’ facilitators as they cultivate purposeful and creative strategies within each unique community. The trainings are held over approximately three months in preparation for project implementation.

Once the project is finalized, schools that complete the process are CDE Certified to give confidence to future partners that the community is committed to improving its education system and knowledgeable about the management of development projects.

Once certified, the community schools are welcomed into a CDE Cooperative of other certified schools where they can share best practices and plan for the future.

While the ultimate goal of CDE is to improve local primary education outcomes, the intermediate goals of the trainings include the following:


  • Independent thinking and creativity in goal setting and problem solving
  • Focus on internal strengths and opportunities over limitations
  • Relevance of education in the local context
  • Equality of women and girls as stakeholders in education
  • Confidence in the community’s ability to grow using local skills and resources after GPFD exits


  • National education standards, including requirements related to the work of teachers, school administrations, and government officials
  • Existence of individual, school, government, and private sector stakeholders in primary education


  • Logical identification of goals and subsequent projects designed to reach those goals
  • Project management, including budgeting and implementation planning
  • Long-term project sustainability planning and maintenance
  • Resource mobilization for community projects
  • Advocacy through external resource networks such as government, schools, individuals, and organizations
  • Vision and ability to execute long-term growth plans and future projects

Feel free to contact us for more details on the curriculum.