Project Description

Global Partners’ Commitment to Girls’ Education

Education is exceedingly important in the fight against poverty, and Global Partners believes that every girl has the right to an education. Research has proven that educated children, and especially educated girls, will have smaller, healthier, more educated families with improved livelihoods. Global Partners began focusing on girls’ education nearly 20 years ago, and we remain deeply committed to improving the quality of life and education for girls in East Africa today.

Recent Projects

Ormanie Girls Education Campaign


This project funded a campaign by the Pastoral Women’s Council to improve the percentage of girls attending Ormanie Primary School in the Maasailands of northern Tanzania.

Scholarships Block Grant: PWC


These block grants supported 18 secondary students and 25 university students who would not have been able to attend school otherwise. These scholarships are managed by the Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC) in Loliondo, Tanzania. Fifteen of the young women receiving university scholarships sought refuge at the rescue center managed by PWC to escape forced marriage and other forms of violence in their homes.

RUKASUDI Milling/Hulling Business


This project funded a vehicle and generator to make a milling and hulling business possible for women’s groups made up of more than 7,500 women in western Uganda. Global Partners has worked with these women’s groups through livestock projects for more than ten years, and they have now become entirely self-sufficient, building their own cooperative to sell grains and continue the pass-on program of calves to more and more women. These projects have all been in partnership with RUKASUDI, a local community-based organization focusing on women’s empowerment, husbandry, and agriculture.

Girls’ Scholarships: EWIDA


Global Partners supported 35 scholars in Uganda through Executive Women in Development (EWIDA), our implementing partner. Many of our Ugandan scholarship recipients come from families affected by HIV/AIDS. Some are orphans and all come from poverty-stricken households. Without scholarships, these girls would be unlikely to pursue an education.

Professional Development Grants


These grants were designed to provide an opportunity for former Global Partners’ interns to examine their career paths and to help them achieve their individual professional goals. They applied for grants of up to $1,000 for activities that furthered their professional development, and most of the recipients used the funds to launch small businesses.

Bishop Durning Teachers’ College Scholarships


Global Partners sponsored 18 Maasai young women to attend Bishop Durning Teachers’ College in Arusha.