Project Description

Health Projects

Local health clinics provide treatment for common illnesses and injuries as well as family planning and obstetric services. Global Partners responds to needs at clinics in rural areas where people do not have access to urban medical care.

Recent Projects

Matata Hospital Projects


Global Partners began working with Matata Hospital in the early 90s and has been one of their most involved supporters over time. Nestled in the small but bustling town of Oyugis, Kenya, Matata is the only hospital serving the area. Most recently, Global Partners provided funds for a borehole well to bring clean, accessible water to the hospital. In the past, Global Partners has funded shipments of medical equipment to improve the hospital’s capacity for care.

Sasi Medical Clinic


The Sasi Medical Dispensary was built by Global Partners, and we have worked closely with the village of Sasi over the years to help bring them clean water and accessible healthcare. The clinic has a doctor and two nurses that take care of all the primary and reproductive healthcare needs for three villages, serving more than 9,000 people. To help them provide these services, Global Partners funded improved clinic infrastructure and funds for purchasing needed medical equipment. The clinic now has an autoclave for sanitizing medical instruments, a centrifuge, microscope and test tubes for its laboratory, a blood pressure machine, a glucose testing machine, a delivery bed, and a suction machine for use following delivery.

Community Health Worker Trainings


This project provided trainings for 20 Community Health Workers to bring preventative and treatment messages about primary health and other local health problems such as HIV/AIDS to the communities of Ojwando and Gamba. They received bicycles, first aid kits, and informational packets to assist them with outreach.

Agowa Medical Dispensary


Global Partners funded the electric connection for this dispensary so that it would be able to access water from its borehole well. September 2014.

God-ber Medical Clinic


God-ber is a small village 45 minutes away from Matata Hospital in Oyugis, Kenya by 4 wheel drive vehicle. Since there is no public transportation and almost no one has a car, getting a sick person or a woman in labor to town can be a tortuous, all-day journey on foot. Doctors at the hospital asked Global Partners to help the community build a small medical clinic with nursing staff, so that they could have regular access to services.

Global Partners funded clinic construction and provision of equipment and furniture. The community, though extremely poor, contributed a portion of the cost and manual labor, and Matata Hospital provided staffing. The clinic provides primary care services, child immunizations, maternal and child health services, and labor and delivery. With a very good working relationship with Matata Hospital for backup services, lives have been saved, work and school absenteeism reduced, community health and productivity enhanced, and another two thousand people given peace of mind knowing that help is near. With this success, the next year Global Partners donors generously contributed additional funds to construct staff housing and a rainwater harvest system to provide clean water for the clinic.

Historical Projects

The following are examples of health projects completed by Global Partners for Development from 2000-2012 in East Africa. For more information on any of these projects or others, contact us at [email protected].

2000: God-Ber Community Dispensary – Maternity ward construction

2001: Kapassy Community Clinic – Maternity ward construction

2002: Matata Hospital – Generator purchase for reliable electricity

2005: SONCAM – Health project for vulnerable street children

2006: Matata Hospital – Home care trainings for AIDS patients

2006: Crescent Medical Aid Kenya – Funds for child feeding program

2006: Kangundo Community Health Center – Construction of inpatient ward

2007: Kangundo Community Clinic – Construction of an inpatient clinic as well as equipment for the clinic

2008: Arumeru Women Support Group – Poultry husbandry program for nutrition and income for AIDS patients

2008: Matata Hospital – Maternity ward renovation

2008: Lake Victoria Community Women – Food, furniture, and miscellaneous items for 50 orphans in response to shortages caused by the violence occurring during the elections in Kenya.

2010: Matata Hospital – Medical equipment, bicycles for community health workers

2011: Matata Hospital & OGRA Foundation – Funding of ten medical shipments to these medical facilities through Direct Relief International

2000-2012: Cow Projects

  • Kirima Women’s Association – 21 heifers from GPFD; 19 calves passed on to fellow members and 5 passed on to Kyandago Women’s Group.
  • Bugarama Women’s Club Foundation – 50 heifers from GPFD; 29 calves passed on to other groups.
  • Nyarurambi Women Farmer’s Assocation – 20 heifers from GPFD; 16 passed on to Kishororo.
  • Nyakabungo Bakyara Twimuke Group – 20 heifers from GPFD; 23 passed on to other groups.
  • Kashenyi Women’s Progressive Group – 31 heifers from GPFD
  • Itembezo Women’s Group – 24 heifers from GPFD; 20 passed on to other groups.
  • Rugyeyo Advocates Persistence Association – 20 heifers from GPFD.
  • Kicwamba Women’s Group – 10 heifers from GPFD
  • Makiro Caritas Group – 6 heifers from GPFD
  • Rugyeyo Twetungure Group – 10 heifers from GPFD
  • Nyamwegabira Farmers’ Association – 11 heifers from GPFD
  • Functional Adult Literacy Club – 13 heifers from GPFD; 27 passed on to other groups.
  • Rwengongo Women’s Group – 5 heifers from GPFD; 5 passed on to other groups.
  • Kajugangoma Women’s Handcraft Group – 5 heifers from GPFD
  • Nyamirama Women Farmers Group – 14 heifers from GPFD
  • Nugangari Initiative to Develop Women and Youth – 5 heifers from GPFD
  • Katonya Rural Women’s Development Club – 16 heifers from GPFD; 15 calves passed on to other groups.
  • Nyakishenyi Development Association – 5 heifers from GPFD
  • Kabana Butere Bumere Women’s Group – 8 heifers from GPFD
  • Katonya Bakyara Kwetungura – 11 from GPFD; 16 passed on
  • Kabukwenda Women’s Development Group – 6 from GPFD
  • Kamunyu Women’s Group – 5 from GPFD
  • Omukigumira Women’s Development Group – 5 from GPFD
  • Burandami Women’s Group – 5 from GPFD; 3 passed on to fellow members
  • Karukara Women’s Group – 4 from GPFD
  • Kinyashohera Women’s Group – 10 from GPFD

2000: Jinga Central Clinic – Funding of medical shipment of medicines and supplies through Direct Relief International

2001: Sekei Village Council – Goat-keeping project for increased income and protein

2004: Rugyeyo Persistance Advocates – Livestock and crop husbandry project; micro lending project

2011: AMREF Uganda – Funding of five medical shipments through Direct Relief International

2001: Sasi Medical Dispensary – Construction of Sasi Dispensary in the village of Sasi

2001: Sokon Village Council – Zero-grazing dairy cow project

2001: Kapassy Community Clinic – Vehicle for mobile outreach and maternity ward construction

2005: Heifer International Tanzania – Funding for camels for improving the nutrition of the Maasai

2006: Karagwe Development and Relief Service (KADERES) – Kibimba Medical Dispensary construction with water storage tank in Mkunyu

2007: KADERES – Maternity wing construction at Mkunyu Dispensary

2011: KADERES Tanzania – Funding of five medical shipments from Direct Relief International