Project Description

Leadership Model

The Leadership Model is Global Partners’ original model of working with existing community leaders and community-based organizations to develop individualized, sustainable solutions to the most pressing problems facing their communities. Global Partners currently has active projects and partnerships under the Leadership Model in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.


Global Partners has relentlessly pursued long-term solutions to the needs facing East African communities for almost 40 years. In our leadership model, we work directly with community leaders and groups to identify and implement development projects in the areas of public health and education.The Global Partners grant process begins when people from rural villages across East Africa present their visions about how to improve their lives. From school infrastructure to clean water sources, communities bring forward innovative and locally relevant project ideas that provide insight into their daily needs, social constructs, political networks, and hopes for the future. Global Partners projects are proposed and managed by local people who embrace project ownership throughout the implementation process and take responsibility for the project for years into the future.