Project Description

Professional Development Programs

Internship programs are the newest way that Global Partners engages in a holistic model of education in East Africa. Global Partners’ internship program in Tanzania is set up for the recipients of its university scholarships in the Arusha area. The interns this year are Dainess Paolo and Upendo Losinyari, who are recent graduates of the scholarship program and are currently teaching at local secondary schools in Arusha.

The purpose of the internship program is multi-fold. First, the interns’ primary role is to help Global Partners’ local coordinators select the next round of secondary school scholarship recipients and support them as they eventually become university scholars. The interns are also tasked with fostering a sense of community within the scholar network by creating platforms for communication and helping current students pursue their academic and professional goals. The internship also serves as a unique professional development opportunity for interns by giving them experience in program management, finance, event planning, mission development, computer skills, etc.

Educating young women can have a tremendous impact on their lives and the lives of their future children, but economic sustainability is most likely when academic success is coupled with professional experience. The internship program helps Global Partners’ scholars to become invaluable agents for change in their communities, so they can continue the cycle of development in a local, sustainable way for years to come.