Project Description

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Maasai Girls –
Target Your Year End Giving for Maximum Impact!

Emanyata Secondary School is a community boarding school located in a predominantly Maasai region of Northern Tanzania. Many families in this region are poor pastoralists who struggle to afford the fees necessary to keep their girls in a safe learning environment.
In January 2018, Emanyata will welcome around 100 new students to begin their Form 1 studies. We want more than half of these students to be academically able Maasai girls. These carefully selected students know that boarding at Emanyata is their only hope of escaping forced marriage and early pregnancy. However, with annual school fees and expenses of around $500 per student, many of these vulnerable girls will not be able to start school without securing a scholarship.
Pastoral Women’s Council is seeking donations to this scholarship fund. Your generous year-end donation will not only help pay for board, lodging and a high quality education, but demonstrate your commitment to helping Maasai women and girls create a society where they are independent, equal partners to men.
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