Global Partners aims to improve education and quality of life in rural East African communities. In order to accomplish this goal, we currently work under two models: our Community-Driven Education (CDE) Model and our Leadership Model. Inherent in all of our programs is our commitment to impactful, sustainable, locally-led initiatives.

Leadership Model

The Leadership Model is Global Partners’ original model of working with existing community leaders and community-based organizations to develop individualized, sustainable solutions to the most pressing problems facing their communities. Global Partners currently has active projects and partnerships under the Leadership Model in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

CDE Model

Global Partners has been committed to community-driven initiatives in East Africa for nearly 40 years, and some of our most successful and sustainable projects stem from our partnerships with schools. In an effort to expand our impact, we have developed the CDE Model to improve education across entire regions of East Africa.

Community-Driven Education Model

Our Programs

Global Partners for Development works hand-in-hand with grassroots organizations in East Africa to provide individualized sustainable solutions to the most pressing problems in their communities.