King’ii Primary School

Situated in the heart of Homa Bay County, in Karachuonyo Ward, is the King’ii Primary School. 

GPFD partnered with King’ii Primary School’s administration to implement the construction of the SAN-PLAT latrines. With GPFD’s assistance, the administration ensured the water, manpower, and support from the community for and during the construction

Before the project was enacted, they had dilapidated pit latrines. 

“Initially, the latrines were hazardous to the pupils,” says the [please fill in name], the school’s head teacher. “Some were afraid of using them and would sometimes miss school. The younger pupils in the ECD section would relieve themselves all over the school compound, posing serious health hazards. Due to filling up excessively, they caused serious air pollution and discomfort from the stench from the toilets,” says the head teacher.

A teacher at the school, confirms that the san-plat latrines constructed by GPFD have been a lifesaver, vastly improving  their day-to-day experience at the school. They have noted how the changes have also transformed the  academic experience among students, particularly their more consistent attendance of classes. Everyone at the school can now enjoy their privacy and use the latrines without fear.

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