Utajo Primary School

Situated in Suba North Constituency in Rusinga Island, Kenya, is Utajo Primary school. With a population of 369 pupils.

GPFD partnered with Utajo Primary School’s administration to implement the construction of the SAN-PLAT latrines, two modern classrooms and installation of a thousand-liter reservoir water tank.

With Global Partners generous funding , the school’s administration secured help from the local community  throughout construction. The community also showed their commitment by beginning construction of a two-door toilet block for the teachers.

While  the latrines are still under construction,their eventual completion will be key  as the current latrines cannot sufficiently serve the current student body.

The classrooms and water reservoir are complete and have greatly improved the conditions for the school. 

Before the project began, they had condemned classrooms, which were deemed not suitable  for students. With cracking walls, falling roofs and ruined floors, the buildings posed a health hazard, particularly as  large amounts of dust caused respiratory infections for the pupils.

Before the water tank and gutters to trap and preserve water were constructed, water was supplied by the nearby lake. Since this water was not treated, it caused bilharzia among the pupils.  Now they can enjoy freshwater for both drinking and cooking from the tank without fears of contracting bilharzia.

The water from the lake is still used for cleaning and watering plants and trees in the school.

Mr. Otieno, a teacher from the school, says that the clean water and new structures has made the environment extremely pleasurable for teachers and students alike.

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