Our Africa Travel Program

Global Partners’ Educational Travel Program to East Africa brings travelers to see our partners and partner communities. Global Partners works with tour operators in East Africa to plan and package our unique trips to Kenya, Tanzania and/or Uganda.

Traveling with us is a very unique opportunity. Please feel free to contact us about creating a custom trip for you and your travelers. Although we post packaged trips, we are traveling to the region many times a year and can make special accommodations and build custom experiences.

3 Reasons for us to work together

Provides a Unique Experience

Provides a unique experience of East Africa with visits to local communities, meeting local officials, and getting to know our local partners.


Not a Voluntourism Trip

This is an opportunity to connect with people from another part of the world and just hang out, visit our projects, and see the impact of the work we do.


Wild Life Contact

Provides a great safari on the plains of the Serengeti, where our travelers can enjoy the magnificent natural wonders of East Africa, including the beautiful scenery and fantastic wildlife.


Our Impact

Integrity is a key element of our work. Our policies and procedures were developed with the intention of providing scaffolding for integrity through consumer-driven projects, expert-driven methods, and a commitment to transparency among all stakeholders.

Global Partners has a very active Board of Directors that is constantly striving to deliver the most effective new services and fine tune existing initiatives. The Board of Directors, in partnership with our staff and local partners, make up a network of experts in various fields that provide timely input on research-driven project methodologies, management techniques, financial transparency, and the latest in engineering practices for the highest levels of quality and cost-effectiveness in international development work.


What Our Travelers Say

“I saw new teachers that were smiling and proud of what they’d accomplished and children all dressed in their uniforms. I saw a beautiful school building. I was very moved.”
Harriet Harris
I’ve been a long time advocate for Global Partners for Development. They achieved meaningful and sustainable results through their partnerships with the people of East Africa – grassroots, down-to-earth tangible results!
Don Harris
June 2019 Trip Brochure
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