Advancing Girls’ Education in East Africa

Global Partners believes every girl has the right to attend school, and the scholarships we fund inspire girls and young women to lead more productive lives and empower them to uplift and improve their communities.

We support girls’ education through the funding of individual secondary school and tertiary level scholarships with the support of our implementing partners: Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC) in Tanzania and Executive Women in Development (EWIDA) in Uganda. The contents of EWIDA’s latest report as well as scholarship recipient case studies and an Emanyata Secondary School newsletter provided by PWC are briefly summarized below. Global Partners has provided significant support to Emanyata Secondary School, which is attended primarily by students from pastoralist backgrounds, and we are thrilled with the school’s commitment to the success of girls and young women.

EWIDA – Uganda

Currently, Global Partners sponsors 8 senior five students, 3 senior six students, 13 university students, and 5 students who attend tertiary institutions through EWIDA. There are numerous success stories coming out of the program, and we hope you will find the girls’ progress to be as inspiring as we do.

Last year, three scholarship recipients graduated from university, and one of these young women earned a prestigious first class degree. Three additional young women are set to graduate from higher learning institutions next year, and several of the scholarship recipients are gaining significant practical experience through internships. These young women are pursuing careers in a variety of fields including teaching, business, healthcare, and finance. Under the guidance and leadership of EWIDA, we are hopeful that our younger scholarship recipients will achieve similar success.

PWC -Tanzania

Attached to this article are four case studies provided by PWC as examples of the scholars GPFD supports in Tanzania. These reports provide a glimpse into the challenges these four girls have faced as well as the progress they have made. Each of these girls has conquered significant obstacles and yet has remained committed to improving her life through the pursuit of education. Their stories show what can happen when we encourage and enable girls to stay in school.

Also attached is a newsletter highlighting the latest achievements at Emanyata Primary School. Thanks in part to remedial classes that address the academic disparities between girls and boys as well as a focus on developing social-emotional skills, the school’s Form 4 pass rate increased to 86% for girls. The school also engages students in sustainable living practices as well as income generating activities.

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