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COVID-19 Cases Surge in Kenya: Our Response

Like much of the world, Kenya is currently experiencing a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases. Many healthcare workers have contracted the virus, largely due to an inadequate supply of personal protective equipment. Healthcare facilities, especially in rural areas, are ill-equipped and lack the capacity to effectively respond to the current situation. An increase [...]

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Long Before Glasnost by George Rainier Weiner: Recounting the days of World Runners

Check out Long Before Glasnost by George Rainier Weiner. All proceeds from this book go to Global Partners for Development. To purchase the book, visit: To donate, visit: During the cold war years (1969-91), many American individuals, small groups, and somewhat larger organizations traveled to Russia in hope of breaking down [...]

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Advancing Community-led Initiatives in an Uncertain World: 2020 Annual Report

Global Partners’ 2019-2020 fiscal year ended in the midst of a global pandemic. As the world changed, we began collaborating with local staff, partners, and leaders to determine how to best support East African communities. In additional to the emergency response interventions we immediately implemented, we also began directing an increased percentage of [...]

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