Drought Response Update from Arkaria Village

An Update from Alais Morindat

Arkaria village was hit hard by what we can call the worst drought yet. By October this year, almost all the water dams were dry, including the Nanja water dam which is depended on by over 10 villages. People then were thirsty, livestock and wildlife died, and all economic activities in the area were at a standstill. Following the death of their livestock, pastoralists’ capacity to purchase food, and more importantly water, and alternative livestock feeds were seriously constrained.

The only option was to import water from the town of Arusha or Monduli. The situation necessitated that we approach GPFD for help. The response was amazingly quick. As soon as we received the resources we then did the following:

  •    Negotiated an agreement with water vendors for distribution of water to those most in need. We now have water bowsers for distribution. Distribution only happened for one week and then the short rains started across the land.
  • The rains then filled all the installed black tanks that GPFD provided and a few tanks that individual families had in the village. Immediately there was drinking water in most bomas. We stopped distributing water via bowsers.
  • If it doesn’t rain in the next four to five days, we will resume operations again to further provide water to people until we fully cover a total of 30 days of clean water supply.
  • If the rains become better (which we now doubt) and the main dam is filled, then we will get back to GPFD to request that we use the remaining funds to purchase a few black tanks to install in the Village Centre. These tanks will be public goods for water reservations and supply to all in the village at any difficult time or we will supply a few black tanks to clusters of bomas who suffered the most this time for not having black tanks in their clusters.

On behalf of our people, I want to take this moment to sincerely thank you and all our Global Partners brothers and sisters for your generosity and for your continued support. ASANTE SANA. It is an encouragement and a strong reminder of the value of our long-term partnership and friendship which is based on trust and love. Finally, to end poverty we must try to do something to stabilize the CLIMATE

Read the latest report from the state of the drought in Arkaria Village, Tanzania by our on the ground partner and community leader, Alais Morindat.


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