Dora’s Corner: March Updates from East Africa

We are halfway through the month–I hope you are present in every moment you experience. This is my birthday month and I get to share my birthday with all the women in the world as it is also International Women’s Day. This year’s theme was DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for gender equality

I was unwell and got to work on some pending tasks at work and appreciated the birthday wishes and the endless “Happy International Women’s Day” forwarded messages. 

We are in the planting season here in Kenya and it’s good to receive some rainfall after a very dry and dusty first two months of the year. Now that it is raining, more farmers are hopeful of being able to plant some crops, and everywhere I go in the morning, I see people out in their farms sowing seeds. 

The cost of living has gone up in Kenya and more so with concerns about the increasing cost of fuel, electricity, and food. Despite the changes we’ve experienced due to climate change, like delayed rains and less quantity of rainfall over the years, somehow, seeing people out on their farms as I make my way around Homabay county makes me hopeful.

I am looking forward to a six-session online course starting the 18th of March on African Women’s Leadership & Mental Wellbeing. This is the first course I’ll be taking with Clara, our Community Facilitator, and I look forward to having side chats with her on what we’ve learned throughout the sessions.

Schools are on a half-term break this week and I can’t wait to implement new projects soon because that means new communities, challenges, terrains and above all, an opportunity to improve on how we engage and collaborate with communities as an organization.

Look forward to a long and detailed update in April!

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