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GPFD Impact in Tanzania

Contact our office about specific projects in Tanzania. These are the projects we have completed over the last few years.

2020-2021 Projects

Arkaria Community COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention
A grant was provided to recruit and train youth from the Arkaria community to disseminate information about COVID-19 and preventative measures. Volunteers were trained by local health officials, and GPFD funds provided transport and training expenses, training materials, posters, and other educational materials translated into both Kiswahili and Kimaasai. GPFD also provided soap, water containers, and hand sanitizer for community handwashing stations.

Ngimu Primary School
GPFD partnered with Ngimu Primary School to demolish structurally unsafe classrooms and built two new classrooms to serve the school.

Pastoral Women’s Council COVID-19 General Relief Grant
The Pastoral Women’s Council is a membership organization based in Tanzania that empowers pastoralist women at the community-level to take control of their own development. These funds were used to support the Pastoral Women’s Council’s COVID-19 relief efforts in local communities.

Singida Community COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention
GPFD partnered with the District Medical Officer in Singida to supply medical kits, which included medical supplies, handwashing stations, soap, hand sanitizer, and COVID-19 educational materials, to rural medical facilities. This grant supported ten priority clinics, which are clinics that serve large populations and have the greatest need for supplies, and three health centers in the region.

Semfuru Primary School
Semfuru Primary School had a classroom shortage, and one classroom was serving 120 students. GPFD’s facilitators met with school and community leaders who decided to build two new classrooms to address the shortage at the school.

2019-2020 Projects

FAME Midwifery Project
Global Partners provided funds to the midwifery program of Foundation for African Medicine and Education, an organization which seeks to advance quality medical care in rural Tanzania.

Mkenge Primary School
Mkenge Primary School is the only school found in its village, and classes can reach up to 200 pupils per class. The Mkenge community decided to construct of two additional classrooms with Global Partners.

Mwamba Primary School
To improve student attendance, reduce the number of students per class, and attain better grades through a more conducive learning environment, the Mwamba community decided to construct two additional classrooms for the primary school.

Mwangae Primary School
Mwangae Primary School suffered from a severe shortage of classrooms. The school had just seven classrooms and split their classes into two streams to accommodate the high number of students at the school. Due to this challenge, the community decided to construct two classrooms to improve the classroom to student ratio.

PWC Scholarships
Funds from Global Partners provided scholarships to ensure that Maasai girls and young women escaping forced marriage were able to continue their schooling by covering fees and tuition at secondary and tertiary institutions.

2018-2019 Projects

Arkaria Rainwater Harvest Tanks
This project provided rainwater harvest tanks to 57 families, providing sustainable access to clean water for thousands of people in the community.

Emanyata Sewage System
Funds were provided for the construction of a septic tank and soak pit, which will accommodate the sanitation needs of the mid-campus teacher housing at the school.

Endeshi Primary School
The Endeshi community elected to build an additional teacher’s house. A new home with space for two teachers and their families was constructed, increasing the number of on-campus teachers that can work more regularly and provide after-hours support to the 665 students enrolled at the school.

Foundation for African Medicine and Education (FAME) Midwifery Project
Global Partners provided funds to the midwifery program of FAME, an organization which seeks to advance quality medical care in rural Tanzania.

Laghanida Primary School
After a series of meetings facilitated by Global Partners, the Laghanida community and Global Partners constructed new sanitation facilities for the school’s 680 students and their teachers.

Mughunga Primary School
This school had only six classrooms, and just one was complete, two were dangerously unsound, and several were missing floors. The Mughunga community chose to add two classrooms and renovate existing ones.

Minyenye Primary School
Two additional classrooms were built so that both teachers and students can use the new space to reach their full potential.

PWC Girls’ Scholarships
By covering fees for secondary and tertiary education, these scholarships ensure that 30 Maasai girls and young women escaping forced marriage were able to continue their schooling.

Sagara Primary School
The Sagara community chose to build a teachers’ house to enable more teachers to live on campus and allow them to attend work more consistently.

Sokoine Primary School
The community decided to build two new classrooms to reduce the number of children per class and eliminate the need for teachers to teach in shifts.

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