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GPFD Impact in Uganda

Contact our office about specific projects in Uganda. These are the projects we have completed over the last few years.

2021-2022 Projects

EWIDA Girls’ Scholarships

These scholarships supported university and upper secondary school students, managed by Executive Women in Development (EWIDA). Most schools in East Africa do not provide a midday meal for students. This affects girls mostly because they are defiled in order to have lunch hence risk to HIV/AIDS infection and other problems. Some go to do part time jobs under too much stress, strain and still lack fees, scholastic and basic materials, and sanitary towels because they can’t raise all the funds needed.

GPFD, in partnership with EWIDA, have positively changed the above. Eight university/college students were awarded scholarships, four during the first term and four more during the second term.

These girls have now got interesting stories, goals they want to achieve, and determination to have a positive impact in their communities to change previous practices. GPFD’s continued support to this project strengthens the chain of development while the success of these girls will be shared by the larger community population in the long run with a sustainable touch.

2020-2021 Projects

EWIDA Girls’ Scholarships
GPFD provided grants to EWIDA (our implementing partner in Uganda) to fund school fees for the students in our Girls’ Education Program. In addition to school fees, GPFD provided funds to support EWIDA’s operations, including career guidance, transportation to visit the students, reporting, and office expenses, as well as supplies for the girls, including books, pens, and personal hygiene items.

GPFD supported WomenSave’s pilot program as its fiscal sponsor last year. WomenSave’s mission is to expand financial access to women in developing economies with goal-based savings plans and mobile money. All women had met their savings goals by the end of January 2021, and the program is currently working with over 750 clients in Uganda.

2019-2020 Projects

EWIDA Scholarships
Scholarship grants managed by Executive Women in Development (EWIDA) supported young women attending university and upper secondary school. The grants included funds for school fees, room and board, school and hygiene supplies, and EWIDA mentorship.

Women’s Cow Project
Global Partners provided one pregnant cow, alongside initial vaccines and worm prevention, to a women’s group called “Omumbuga Turwanise Obworo Group.” Over time, the cow will give birth to more calves that will then be passed on to other women in the group. Once everyone in the group has calves, they will pass on to other women’s groups.

WomenSave aims to provide accessible, affordable, and individualized savings services to empower and incentivize women to meet their own financial goals. The program piloted in March 2020 and employs comprehensive financial management training and skilled savings agents to help women create customized commitment savings plans.

2018-2019 Projects

EWIDA Girls’ Scholarships
These scholarships supported 27 university and upper secondary school students, managed by Executive Women in Development (EWIDA).

Okio Primary School Borehole
With Global Partners’ support, the school drilled a well that provides safe and clean water to the 760 students at the school and to 1,200 people in the surrounding community

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