Our Programs

Community-Led Development (CLD)

Democratic decision making, Community Led Development

The Community Led Development (CDL) facet of our program reaches beyond educational efforts, focusing on equipping communities with essential infrastructure and resources for their comprehensive development.

We aim to combine technical know-how with the right resources.

what we do

Our method prioritizes collaboration with local governments and communities, aiming to ensure these initiatives not only address immediate needs but also pave the way for enduring sustainability and resilience in the face of environmental and societal challenges

This encompasses key projects such as:

Building health centers

Initiating large-scale water projects

Establishing sanitation facilities

Featured Project

Ormanie Health Center

The Ormanie Health Center is a result of the continued partnership among Global Partners for Development, Pastoral Women’s Council, and the Ormanie community. This new health facility aims to address the health care challenges faced by women and children in pastoralist communities. In addition to constructing the health facility, GPFD is collaborating with local leaders and government officials to ensure that the health center is staffed with qualified personnel and provided with consistent supplies.

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