The University Girls: A Taste of Excellence

In the past, my letters have always focused on the secondary girls, as they are at the heart of our programs. However, now I want to highlight one of the University girls who has excelled as a result of her education. Often I receive emails from the girls and it is always a surprise and a treat to hear from them. Their letters to me have a way of tugging at my heart-strings in a way that speaks to the soul of what is both missing and present in their lives.


I first met Markla in Arusha, in 2005, during one of my visits to the schools. She was only 13, a waif of a child, and the younger sister of a girl that I was sponsoring. Bright, bubbly, and intelligent, she asked me if she could enter the scholarship program. I was drawn in by her intense curiosity and ambition to succeed and placed her easily with one of our visitors on the trip. Through the generosity of her sponsor, she has completed Forms 1-4 and went on to Forms 5, 6.


Markla kept in touch with me off and on over time. She did well in her studies and also attended a leadership conference in Rwanda. She is now in her first year at Moshi University, in Tanzania, and is studying Human Resource Management. Believe it or not, she now stays in touch with me through Facebook, always positive and sharing the love and gratitude that she has for Global Partners and the support she is receiving.


She wrote this in her last letter: “Thank you for helping girls fulfill their dreams”


I believe Markla will be a future leader in East Africa. Please support our girls.


Linda Lea, Ph.D.

Founder, Marlene Assell Scholarship Program


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