Saylor’s Rockin Tequila Fiesta

THANK YOU SAYLOR’S for hosting our 2013 Rockin Tequila Fiesta. It was a huge success. What a wonderful way to end the year. Sean & Sonya Saylor are truly valuable Partners. We ate great food and had more tquila than could be imagined.


Our Story – Sean and Sonja Saylor, owners

Saylor’s is a family affair. We have been in Marin for decades, first with Saylor’s Landing and now with Saylor’s Restaurant & Bar.

Award-winning chef Sean Saylor’s flare for combining traditional Bay Area favorites with an international twist has made the family restaurants the types of places that locals choose to gather and savvy travelers go off the beaten path to find. Sean knew he wanted to be a chef from an early age. Following his dream, he graduated at the top of his class from California Culinary Academy in 1997 and continued to master his skills in some of Marin’s finest kitchens. Never satisfied, Sean craved his own space where he and Sonja could create their own unique style. His kitchen is a reflection of Sean’s personality, combining food and atmosphere to offer guests a one of a kind dining experience.


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