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Peter Verbiscar Brown’s Gran Fondo

Peter will be riding in Levi’s Gran Fondo on October 3rd 2015. If you want to support Peter and his ride, visit our webpage at or Donate directley here. Peter is our Executive Director Emeritus and an active board member, he is an amazingly fit individual and continues to guide and support Global Partners.

Peter Says…

I started running when I moved to Hawaii to go to grad school in 1976, and within 3 months of training, I ran my first Honolulu Marathon.  Next year’s marathon I ran for pledges for The Hunger Project, to end world hunger, and got hooked on doing athletic events for a cause which continues to this day.  Along the way I ran 55 marathons, 5 ultramarathons, one transcontinental relay, 3 triathlons, and now century bicycle rides. I have completed and raised funds in them all for World Runners and now Global Partners for Development, where I was Executive Director for 25 years.  I love this organization, totally effective in putting donations directly to work in Africa to alleviate poverty, improve health and education prospects, especially for girls, and foster economically sustainable communities.

Through the years and miles, my donors have been dedicated and generous, I am grateful for their unfailing support, and welcome yours.

Levi Leipheimer’s King Ridge GranFondo is a challenging, long distance, mass-participation cycling event that welcomes professional, amateur, and recreational cyclists of all abilities. While not strictly competitive, our rides are timed to ensure cyclists complete the entire course and have some way to gauge their performance along the route. This is not a race, but it is expected that people will push themselves and others to excel within the bounds of safety. It is an opportunity to ride your heart out in some of the greatest cycling country this continent has to offer.


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