Dora’s Corner: September Updates from East Africa

by Dora Okeyo

Kenya’s Fifth President is being sworn in today. Schools close this week, some today others by this Thursday. At Global Partners, it means that team Kenya has had to put on hold some activities to pave way for the elections held in August and immediately after schools resumed, also giving way for sports activities and exams.

Completed projects that are still awaiting approval dates from schools for commissioning are: Atono, Indigo, Nyamos and Myabondo High School. Projects that will be delayed due to challenges in accessing them now that the rains are here are only two and they are located in Ndhiwa: Ruga and Kamolo. As of August 23rd, 2022, the work was ongoing at Kamser Primary and the community was tasked with curing before the next phase of finishes is initiated.

I officially relocated to Oyugis town and the move means being closer to the team here and getting more time to plan ahead and work on schedules that would improve our outcomes.

There are a lot of things to look out for with the incoming government and with such a long election period, an unexpected turnout of results and going forward by the supreme court ruling upholding the results, it feels like the calm before the storm for me. The incoming president has a lot to do, not just to achieve his manifesto but also to win over the forty-nine percent or so of voters who did not vote for him. In Kenya all is well and we love each other, until it’s time for the general elections and suddenly we each find our tribe superior to the other forty plus tribes and the result is that we vote by tribe and not ideas and policies.

Working closely with the education sector, the next 100 days for this current government are crucial in seeing what would be done regarding the Competency Based Curriculum, and whether they will do away with it as they said in their campaign or uphold it, what is certain is that there is a lot to be lost whichever way they choose to go.

I look forward to schools resuming on the 26th of September 2022, and hope we initiate new projects as we work towards the holidays.


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