Dora’s Corner: November Updates from East Africa

It’s good to write again and share updates on life and work from this side of the world. November is here and it comes with the promise of national exams and holiday plans.The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education national exams are set for November 28th 2022 and schools close for the holidays three or four days before then and we resume in January 2023.

The work we do, relationships and partnerships we build with most communities are affected by the school academic calendar and 2022 has been a crash programme with the Ministry of Education looking to make up for the six month period in 2019-2020 when schools were shut down due to COVID. 2023 promises a return to the previous calendar with longer holiday breaks. I look forward to this because it would ease off the pressure on teachers and pupils and make it easier to get a lot done.

So far, the projects at Atono Primary and Nyamos Primary are complete and the pupils and teachers have been using the facilities. The ongoing projects are at Kamser and Kamolo.

In progress construction of latrines at Kamolo.
Completed latrines at Nyamos Primary school

Global Partners thrives on the partnerships we build and stakeholders we collaborate with to positively impact communities and I got to attend a three day stakeholder workshop hosted by the County Government of Homabay, USAID and the Western Kenya Water Project to collaborate on the outline and implementation of a road map to ensure access to and provision of quality water to the residents in the county.

The workshop shed light on the importance of access to quality treated water for residents in Homabay and the challenges service providers are encountering in their attempts to achieve this.

I look forward to the holidays and also reflect on the work we did this year, what did we do right, what did we do wrong, and what did we overlook and what do we need to improve on as we move forward.


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