A Journey Towards New Beginnings: Regina’s Story and the Genesis Community Foundation

Meet Regina William Ngurumwa, a dedicated teacher, entrepreneur, and founder of the Genesis Community Foundation. Regina’s story is a testament to the power of education and giving back to the community. Regina now works tirelessly to provide opportunities for others in her community.

Regina’s Background

Regina, a Maasai woman, was once a young girl with limited prospects. However, thanks to the support from Global Partners for Development and the Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC), she was able to complete her secondary and university education. After working as a teacher for a few years, she decided to start her own business selling beads, balms, and Maasai cultural items.

Genesis – A New Beginning

After facing the challenges of losing a child and starting a family, Regina named her daughter Genesis, symbolizing a new beginning for her life. This new beginning inspired her to create the Genesis Community Foundation, aiming to improve the quality of life for her community through sustainable development initiatives. Regina’s dream was to establish a primary school in her village, Soit Sambu, to help children learn English from an early age. With hard work and perseverance, she started a nursery school in 2019 with just 16 children. The school has since grown to 70 students, and Regina continues to work on expanding the school’s infrastructure.

Genesis Community Foundation

The Genesis Community Foundation aims to provide education, women empowerment, environmental conservation, and improved social services to the local community. Regina’s efforts have extended to helping children with disabilities obtain medical treatment at the Plaster House, a facility providing free treatment for these children. Regina’s unwavering commitment to her community is evident in the various projects she has undertaken. Through the Genesis Community Foundation, she has managed to establish a school, support children with disabilities, and empower women through the creation of Village Community Banks (VICOBA) and Community Conservation Banks (COCOBA).

A Life of Giving Back

Regina’s dream is to see the Genesis School become a fully inclusive boarding English medium school, complete with dormitories, offices, and facilities for children with disabilities. She also hopes to establish an orphanage and a center for children with disabilities in the future. Regina’s journey is a shining example of the impact that education and opportunity can have on an individual’s life. Through the support of Global Partners for Development and the Pastoral Women’s Council, Regina has not only transformed her life but has also dedicated herself to improving the lives of others in her community. Her tireless work serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.


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