Meet this Year’s BCF Fellows that are Driving Change in East Africa

For the past few years, Global Partners for Development has partnered with the Brethren Community Foundation (BCF) to create the BFC Fellowship Program. The program enables students to not only immerse themselves in East African culture but to also learn about community-led development through meaningful hands-on engagement. Students work with on-the-ground GPFD staff and learn directly from local leaders and community members. We are thrilled to introduce this year’s BCF Fellows: Gerald Long Siamito and Lizzel Makokha working in Tanzania and Kenya respectively. 

Tanzania: Advancing the Arkaria Impact Centre’s Vision 

GPFD and Alais Morindat have selected Gerald Long Siamito as the fellow that will be supporting the implementation of the Arkaria Impact Centre’s mission and operations. As the Program Assistant and Learning Support Person, Mr. Long Siamito will work alongside the Program Coordinator and assist with administration, general management, learning support, and logistical support.

Gerald is a lawyer who is eager to contribute his legal and professional skills to help support the initiatives of the Arkaria Impact Centre. He received his bachelor’s degree in law at Tumaini University in 2016 and has achieved several other certifications from various institutions. His work and hands-on experience includes internships at the Bomani Primary Court as a Magistrate and at Kibaha Resident Magistrate’s Court as a Court Clerk. His skills include working in a dynamic team, achieving results, meeting deadlines with a high level of integrity, responsibility, and accountability.

The Arkaria Impact Centre in Tanzania is a community-driven organization dedicated to protecting and promoting Maasai culture while strengthening Maasai communities in the face of various modern-day challenges. Key initiatives include environmental stewardship and climate change adaptation, civic engagement, improved governance, poverty eradication and economic development, leadership training, social justice and human rights, wildlife conservation, gender equality and female empowerment, and the protection of culture and traditions. By empowering the Maasai people with the necessary knowledge and skills, the Arkaria Impact Centre aims to foster resilience and sustainability, ensuring the continued vitality of Maasai communities in the modern world.

Kenya: Advancing 374Water’s Groundbreaking Clean Water Solution

Lizzel Makokha Wanyama is a graduate student at the University of Nairobi in the Department of Land Resource and Agricultural Management focusing on Land and Water Management. Lizzel possesses extensive experience in managing water and land resources. He is currently in his final semester and will be conceptualizing his thesis on the findings of the 374Water pilot project, allowing him to address real-life, practical problems in his research. Mr. Makokha currently holds the position of Lead Water Laboratory Technologist, working for more than four years conducting water quality analysis on both potable and wastewater. In addition, he has experience managing water distribution systems as a WASH officer at Two Rivers Water and Sanitation Company.

Poor sanitation and the lack of waste management infrastructure in Kenya poses a serious threat to its residents and to the broader ecosystem that relies on Lake Victoria. Working alongside Global Partners and the Kenyan government, a site alongside the shores of Lake Victoria has been identified for a comprehensive pilot project and demonstration. In addition, GPFD has partnered with local Petaluma architect Peter Strzebniok, Principal and co-founder of nottoscale, to embark on this groundbreaking pilot project to develop a sustainable water treatment site on the shores of Lake Victoria.

As previously stated, the project will involve implementing a cutting-edge wastewater treatment system designed by 374Water around an entire infrastructure that fosters a circular economy of communal, educational, and commercial features. 374Water is a US based social impact, cleantech company that seeks to eliminate and safely dispose of pollutants in waste streams through its patented Air Super Critical Water Oxidation2 (AirSCWOTM) technology.

The mission of GPFD is to not only improve the water quality in the region but to also enhance the quality of life for the local communities. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we hope to create a sustainable and equitable ecosystem that promotes economic growth, environmental responsibility, and social development. Join us in welcoming Gerald and Lizzel to the GPFD team!

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