She Screens Uganda: Pioneering Cervical Cancer Screenings in Rural Uganda

Uganda has one of the highest cervical cancer incidence rates in the world with nearly 6,900 women being diagnosed every year. In addition, cervical cancer ranks as the most frequent cancer diagnosed among women in Uganda, especially in women between the ages of 25 and 49. Amidst these alarming statistics, She Screens Uganda, a Community-Based Organization (CBO) in the Bukomansimbi District of Uganda, has emerged as a pioneering force in combating cervical cancer. Founded by Nabunnya Naimat following the tragic loss of her mother to the disease, She Screens Uganda aims to create a society free from cervical cancer through awareness, essential screenings, treatment referrals, and partnerships. 

Why Cervical Cancer Screenings?

Early detection is essential in the fight against cervical cancer. She Screens Uganda carries out cervical cancer awareness and sensitization services to all females above 15 years and offers affordable screening services to women aged between 25 to 49 years. Precancerous cells in the cervix can be identified during screenings, allowing for prompt intervention to prevent their progression into invasive cancer. Women who are identified with precancerous cells are referred to first-line treatment centers for further evaluation and intervention. In fact, if cervical cancer is detected at its earliest stage, the chances of survival exceed by 85%.

She Screens Uganda’s Impact on the Local Community

Developing interest in the field through their work practice in clinical settings, Naimat was joined by Nakonge Martha Dean and Nemeyimana Vicent in advancing the vision of She Screens Uganda. Four additional nurses have been trained to expand the CBO’s reach and referral target. With an unwavering commitment to their cause, together they have successfully screened over 5,000 women, bringing much-needed awareness and accessibility to cervical cancer screenings in rural Uganda. Furthermore, the organization has referred 306 women with precancerous cells to first-line treatment centers, ensuring that they receive the care they need promptly. This is done through incentivized group transportation and partnerships with philanthropy organizations like Global Partners for Development (GPFD) for extensional support. 

GPFD’s Grassroots Community-Led Development Fund

Global Partners for Development believes local people have the right and the insight to drive change in their own communities. Our Grassroots Community-Led Development (GCLD) Fund was launched to directly support grassroots organizations in East Africa who are implementing sustainable, impactful, and innovative solutions in the areas of public health and education. These organizations understand the strengths and needs of the people they serve, and our goal is to help amplify and accelerate their impact. To expand the identification and support of these changemakers, GPFD has partnered with D-Prize to support local founders in low-income regions. Their goal is to provide critical funding to organizations that otherwise wouldn’t have access and demonstrate the value of prioritizing locally-led proximate leadership.

Developing Partnerships for Higher Impact 

When looking to the future, She Screens Uganda aims to expand to all regions of Uganda, beyond the Bukomansimbi District where they currently perform the majority of their screening. SheScreens Uganda’s partnership with organizations like Global Partners for Development and D-Prize, as well as its determination to make cervical cancer screenings accessible, are transforming the landscape of healthcare in rural Uganda. By providing free screenings, facilitating referrals to treatment centers, and fostering collaborations, SheScreens Uganda is making tremendous strides towards its vision of a cervical cancer-free society. As more women are reached, screened, and referred for timely intervention, She Screens Uganda  brings hope and the promise of a brighter, healthier future to communities affected by cervical cancer in Uganda.

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