Discovering Opportunities with Menya Accelerator

by Zaye Umwanikazi Jemima

In a world driven by the pursuit of success, where competition is the norm, achieving one’s dreams can be nerve-racking. This holds especially true in developing countries like Burundi, with limited access and readiness to compete in local, regional, and international opportunities. It’s a challenging path, but the Menya Accelerator Opportunities program offers a guiding hand in this unfamiliar terrain.

My fellow participants and I describe this program as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to transform their dreams into reality. Unlike typical educational endeavors, Menya Accelerator recognizes that simply learning about Mathematics and physics, or biology and chemistry, isn’t enough to kickstart one’s journey to success. Many of us realized that to succeed genuinely, we must seek knowledge and guidance beyond the classroom, yet we often need help figuring out where to begin. For some, the aim is as simple as finding an escape from a place where they see little future. This is where the Menya Accelerator opportunity program comes into the picture.

The Menya Accelerator opportunity program helps participants identify opportunities that align with their unique abilities and skills. It goes beyond conventional education by providing additional knowledge and valuable insights on navigating and seizing these opportunities. Our month-long learning journey was divided into three categories, making it easy to digest.

1. Self-Discovery:

The first stage of the program focused on self-discovery. Here, we explored the profound question, “Who am I?” By answering this question, each of us gained a clearer vision of our aspirations, taking into account our abilities, values, and passions. It was a critical step that set the stage for the rest of the program.

2. Opportunity Identification:

The second part of the program was about identifying opportunities that resonated with our newfound self-awareness. Equipped with the insights from the self-discovery sessions, we could now actively seek opportunities that align with our true selves. This step guided us toward choices that are not just what we want but also what we are qualified for.

3. Skill Development:

The third and final phase was dedicated to developing the skills necessary to pursue our goals successfully. These skills included essay writing, public speaking, storytelling, interview skills, and standardized test preparations (TOEFL). They serve as principal tools on our path to realizing our dreams.

Beyond these planned sessions, the opportunities program invited experienced guest speakers and mentors to share their journeys. These guests and mentors have told us that they once stood in our shoes, facing the same challenges and uncertainties. However, they persevered, seized opportunities, and achieved success. Their stories were a powerful reminder that our dreams are achievable with the necessary preparations.

We also had a chance to have fun together, getting to know each other among participants through games and fun activities. We were able to develop new friendships and companions to navigate the uncertainties of the journey ahead.

Writer: Jemima Zaje Umwamikazi

In essence, the Menya Accelerator Opportunities Program provides a transformative experience. It breaks the illusion that our dreams are fantasies and equips us with the knowledge and inspiration to pursue them. Through self-discovery, opportunity identification, skill development, and the wisdom shared by guests and mentors, Menya Accelerator illuminates the path to success.

Learn more about Menya Accelerator and its impact in the lives of young entrepreneurs here!


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