Reshaping Futures: The Kiya Sua Women’s Group in Katilu Ward

In the heart of Katilu Ward, where the boundaries of Turkana and West Pokot meet, a remarkable group of women have come together to reshape their destinies. Founded in 2021, the Kiya Sua Women’s Group comprises 16 members, ranging in age from twenty to fifty years old. What unites them is a shared aspiration for financial independence and the desire to provide for their children – a dream that has been traditionally reserved for men in their cultural context.

These women’s journey towards empowerment began in 2021, fueled by the need to break free from financial dependency and gain decision-making power within their households. Formally registered as a self-help group in October 2022, Kiya Sua Women’s Group gained access to resources and support that would be instrumental in their journey towards self-sufficiency. One of their major achievements came in 2022 when they established a retail shop at the heart of Katilu Ward. This shop serves as a hub for selling baby clothes and providing tailoring services to their local community. The shop has been a game-changer. It not only supplies essential goods to their community but also generates income that contributes to their financial independence.

These women have become active contributors to their households’ well-being, breaking free from the traditional roles that have restricted women in their community for generations. Beyond retail, Kiya Sua Women engage in a monthly merry-go-round, where each member contributes 1,000 Kenyan Shillings. This pooled fund serves as a safety net and a means to collectively invest in their initiatives. Moving forward, Kiya Sua Women intend to invest in more stock for their shop, expand their product range to meet diverse customer needs, and access bales of cloth from Eldoret and Kitale. They also aim to purchase more sewing machines to meet the growing demand for tailoring services and continue their farming activities.

In their journey towards financial independence and empowerment, Global Partners for Development (GPFD) has been a supporting partner for Kiya Sua Women’s Group. Through its Grassroots Community-Led Development Fund, Global Partners has provided a grant to help the group set up their retail shop and expand their inventory. All organizations supported by the GCLD Fund are led by East Africans who are implementing sustainable, impactful, and innovative solutions to public health and educational challenges in their own communities. These organizations understand the strengths and needs of the people they serve, and our goal is to help amplify and accelerate their impact.

The story of Kiya Sua Women’s Group is a shining example of what can be achieved when grassroots initiatives are empowered and supported. Through their determination, unity, and partnership, they have created a better future for themselves and their children. Their journey underscores the importance of recognizing and nurturing such initiatives. When we empower women at the grassroots level, we not only improve their lives but also contribute to the development of their communities and ultimately, society as a whole.

Learn more about GPFD’s Grassroots Community-Led Development Fund and how you can support grassroots initiatives like Kiya Sua Women’s Group here


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