Help Shift the Power to Communities!

Why are grassroots initiatives so important? Grassroots initiatives shape and impact communities worldwide by allowing local people to implement sustainable, impactful, and innovative solutions in their own communities. These organizations understand the strengths and needs of the people they serve and contribute a more efficient approach towards developing solutions. Here are other ways grassroots initiatives are driving positive change:

When people come together to support a cause they believe in, they can drive real change.

By leveraging grassroots funding, individuals can make a tangible difference in the world without having a large bank account or connections to influential people.

Democratic decision making

Grassroots funding allows for more democratic decision-making.

When funding comes from a wide variety of sources, there is less influence from a small group of individuals or organizations. This decentralization means that grassroots-funded initiatives are often more representative of the needs and values of the communities they serve.

Strong communities

Supporting grassroots funding builds stronger communities.

By investing in local organizations and businesses, you are helping create a more vibrant and resilient community. Grassroots funding ensures everyone has access to the resources they need to thrive, regardless of socioeconomic status

Why should people consider supporting grassroots funding? 

Grassroots funding offers an opportunity to make a real difference in the world, defend democracy, and build stronger communities. Whether you donate to a local non-profit, support a small business, or contribute to a political campaign, your grassroots funding can make a significant impact.

So what are you waiting for? Join the grassroots funding movement and help shift the power back to local communities!


Get Your Grassroots Booklet Now!

Your grassroots funding journey starts today! It has taken years to perfect our process. We want to share everything we’ve learned from 40 years of practicing community-driven development and the inspiration we’ve gathered from other organizations looking to bring positive change into communities worldwide. In this downloadable guide, you will find the following:

  • Case studies of organizations that have launched successful grassroots funding campaigns.
  • Recommendations that guarantee an effective grassroots initiative’s performance.
  • Facts on how to build community-led initiatives.

What Makes the Global Partners GCLD Fund Different?

Our partners and staff in East Africa identify, vet, and recommend all organizations supported by the Fund. All grants must align with our mission of advancing community-led initiatives, and the Board of Directors must approve funding decisions.

While many funders claim to support community-led initiatives, a large portion of their funding actually goes to mid-sized organizations that receive support from multiple sources. In contrast, the GCLD Fund prioritizes hyper-local organizations leading the way in education and public health work within their communities. Thanks to our extensive partner network and longstanding history in East Africa, we can identify these changemakers who may not otherwise receive traditional funding. Local people have the knowledge and ability to drive meaningful change in their communities, and the GCLD Fund provides the resources necessary to amplify their efforts.

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