Arkaria Community Center: Building a Better Future

We often say that our focus is partnership rather than charity, and Global Partners has developed many long-lasting friendships and partnerships during our 40-plus year history. Alais Morindat, a local leader of a Maasai community located in Arkaria Village, Tanzania, has worked alongside Global Partners for decades. The partnership between Arkaria Village and Global Partners has yielded numerous accomplishments throughout the years. Together, we’ve renovated schools, implemented clean water projects, and provided scholarships for girls’ education – just to name a few examples.

We recently joined forces once again with Alais Morindat to establish a community center for Maasai pastoralists in northern Tanzania. The Arkaria-based center aims to protect and promote Maasai culture while also increasing resiliency and strengthening Maasai communities through skills development, promotion of education, improved management of natural resources, economic empowerment, protection and establishment of land rights, and community engagement.

The center also aims to help Maasai communities adapt to and flight climate change. East Africa is beginning to see the effects of climate change, and one of the hardest hit communities is the Maasai. Recent studies have reported that climate change will increasingly have macro-economic impacts in Tanzania. Experts predict that climate change could lead to economic costs equivalent to a loss of almost 2% of GDP each year by 2030, delaying or even preventing Tanzania’s progress towards middle income status.

Our goal is to help the Masaai community not only survive but thrive in a rapidly-changing world. Global Partners funded the construction of the center, and Alais and his team set ambitious goals and mobilized the local community. Together, we are creating sustainable, life-changing programs and building a better future for pastoralist communities. To support our efforts, donate at


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